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Despite an aptitude for art and design, I worked many years in healthcare. It led me to becoming a professional organizer for some of the seniors I previously worked with. They were usually in transition after a health care crisis, or having lost their partners in life. That experience, along with educational studies, helped me realize the need for a tangible way for people to go through transitioning.

I wanted to mesh my skills and talents, by completing my Masters in Art Therapy, until the economy put that on hold. In the meantime, I became certified as a Life Coach with an emphasis in grief & transition, as well as getting certified as a Colour Energy Coach.  This is because I realized those skills--along with my background in interior design--could achieve a similar outcome.

I NO LONGER provide professional organizing, but I still incorporate that skill set in my consultations.

I use particulars that include, but are not limited to:

  • Colour preferences from ALL people who will do the general interaction in the room(s)
  • Colour therapy
  • Communication style
  • Feng shui
  • Health/Illness/Disability/Special Needs details
  • Life coaching modalities (colour, energy, grief, transition, life story)
  • Learning styles
  • Organizational tools
  • Personality typing and details
  • Real estate details (budget, location, repairs, etc.)
  • Space planning
Creating a design, colour palette, or making a space more functional, provides balance. These transitions don't have to be difficult ones. They can be as simple as decorating a room, organizing a closet, sale prep... or as complex as organizing a space after a death.

I love "designing on a dime," for my single parents or seniors, because I'm naturally frugal and love the challenge. 

I'm a seamstress and artist in my spare time, and those skills are often used in my projects. 

My focus is on Healing; so I feel my fees are reasonable, and I provide a sliding scale for those who qualify.

Healing comes through colour, space planning, creating flow in your surroundings, to name a few. I'm working with how each client learns and works in their space. That flow isn't just for living, but it can be to help ease the stresses during a remodel or prep for rental/sale.

For example, I have helped one of my clients during a rental remodel, by being a "project manager" in the sense that I coach them through colour choices, furniture/flooring, and room configuration...and also keep the handymen in the loop. I help them keep on track, stay focused on design/colour/product that they get their house in shape for rental/sale, as soon as possible. They found this helpful, especially as they had some family illness they were dealing with. 

If the space you're in doesn't bring you comfort or peace, we can work with that. Please me know if I can help start (or finish!) a project for you. :o)

My work and designs can also be found on FaceBook as:

The Colour Coach 
Anna and Her Sewing Machine

As a small business owner, I try to support other small businesses when I order products or need to hire help. I believe that community and relationship are important in today's culture and society. 
10% of our proceeds go to charities that serve orphans, women and children, too.

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