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My business is based out of North Everett, WA; but, I travel to meet with clients and customers.  As well, many of my clients meet with me virtually via email, phone or Skype.  This is especially true of my life coaching clients.

Some of the design portion of my business is also found on:


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Or by special appointment.

Free 30-minute Initial Consultation (phone or in-person).

Design Consultation:

Option #1: On-going -

  • $25-45/hour, depending on distance & complexity of the project.
  • 3 hour minimum, especially if I provide hands-on-help. 

Option #2: One time -

  • $150/session

Both include:

  • Decorating; downsizing; colour or design help; remodeling ideas; staging for rental or sale, etc.

  • Room-by-room. A primer on interior design, and decorating rules/tips.

  • Discussion of real estate needs. Includes detailed synopsis/overview with photos if any taken, guideline, suggestions, room configuration, etc.

  • Accountability/guidance, as I sometimes help oversee a project.

  • Synopsis/overview sent via email, to provide a user-friendly personal resource.

  • Payments can be made via PayPal, cash, money order or cashier's check. 

  • I do offer payment plans & sliding fee scale, for those who qualify. Please don't hesitate to ask! 


Option #1:  $150.  Consultation Only.

  • Room-by-room.

  • Includes a detailed written synopsis emailed to you. (Homeowner and Real Estate Broker.)

  • This will include basics in staging/design, my suggestions on how best to de-clutter, arrange furniture, best colour choices, some colour theory, feng shui,etc.

  • This provides a personal reference guide to follow later.

  • Bring a notebook too! This is usually when folks prefer doing the staging and prepping, themselves. 

  • This provides an instant reference for yourself.

  • If the home owner isn't wanting to do the staging themselves...then the home owner and the Real Estate Broker will decide if they want to hire contractors, handymen, painters, professional organizers, packer/movers, and interior designers to complete the staging process.

  • Done In person. 

  • Payment is made via PayPal if remote, and by cash in-person. 

  • Invoices can be sent to a real estate brokerage.


Option #2:  $500 minimum or $1.50-2/Sq. Ft. Full Staging Package.

  • $500 minimum to cover costs of furniture, accessories, hiring help, rentals, interior design, etc. 

  • If we can't cover your needs for $500, then we will always discuss any options that may be available. Yet, please be aware that regardless of the budget given to me, that will be honoured. So we need to hold realistic expectations. 

  • Some professional stagers charge by square foot, some by the hour, and some charge 1% of the sale price (Many times this is to cover the rental fees for the furniture in their warehouses and general overhead they supply.)...I feel that charging per square foot, allows the client to be aware of their time and spending every step of the way. 

  • A down payment is required to get started, and then each day or week is billed accordingly. *Again, as mentioned in other sections, I am sensitive that there are those with fixed incomes, budgets or job loss; and so we can discuss options.  Please let me know as soon as possible, though. Thanks!*

  • It's good to also remember, that staging a home can sometimes bring in up to 3% more for a sale. 

Here's How I Break It Down:

  • Staging a home or rental takes several days, if not a few weeks--depending on size of home, if there's repair work, excessive de-cluttering or organizing, floor installations, etc. Or, if there are any other unforeseen circumstances.

  • If I can provide some painting, organizing, or repair then it will be included in the per square foot rate.

  • Installations, rentals, and sub contractors are paid directly by the client. (If I am overseeing these projects, then I consider it my responsibility, and need to charge the $2 per sq. ft. rate.)

  • Day 1-2 (or more) -  My clients usually work alongside me, room-by-room, while we de-clutter, organize, move furniture, or decide what will need to be added. 

  • Day 2-3 (or more) - We create a design plan and shopping list, and then determine budget for each room. This can include items such as art, pillows, bed coverings, and window treatments, etc. Once this has been agreed upon, then I do the product research and purchasing.

  • As mentioned earlier, the product itself and delivery is charged separately, with a 20% markup + tax.

  • Day 3-4 (or more) - Dressing the beds, hanging window treatments, placing accessories and art, making sure all the furniture flows, etc.  BUT, if there needs to be painting, repairs, new floors, etc.  AND if I am over seeing these projects...AND depending on the contractors and sub-contractors schedules...well, it will take probably take longer than 3-4 days.

  • Day 4 (or more) - AND LEST WE FORGET...we will need to take care of the exterior of the home. I will need to oversee storage, plantings, curb appeal, path lighting, clean-up, perhaps even any painting touch ups, etc.

As well...
Since I am a certified life coach and colour coach, and apply those techniques in my design approach, I still offer one-on-one life coaching. This covers: colour, energy, grief, transition, career, and life story modalities.  Here are the packages I offer...

Life Coaching - colour, energy, grief, transition, career, life story.

 "Get to Know You" 30 minute Coffee Consult = FREE.  Get to know me, my coaching styles, work on goals, or just figure out where you want to start!

  • Note: Coaching normally sees more effectiveness, the longer it is used. Think for example of any "coaching" situation, like in sports or exercise/health changes. It's something to think about.

  • Yet, it can  be done per session, and paid with cash.

  • It can also be done with a contract, and pre-paid monthly.  (PayPal, or other form of on-line service.)

  • The per session-version can be more flexible. 

  • The contract-version can provide consistency, a set schedule, and cost-effectiveness--as you get more visits for the rates.

  • Meetings can be done in-person,  by phone,  or Skype.

  • The meeting times are usually pretty flexible too (after work at Starbucks, on the phone or Skype on Saturdays...).

  • I do offer payment plans & sliding-scale for those who qualify. Please don't hesitate to ask!  


$70 per session.

  • Know this option is available at any time.  Say for example you just want to meet once/month, or want to meet once/week.  Or say someone has a crazy work or travel schedule, and meeting is sporadic.
  • As well, this is good for those who do well with self-reflection, and are pretty goal-oriented.  They just need or prefer guidance from time-to-time... perhaps to help stay on track with a goal, get help with making a decision, or to stay headed in the right direction. 
  • If you are interested in having me write your Vision Statement for a one-time session, I must charge an extra fee of $135. 
  • We will meet in-person, or by phone or Skype, to go over your Vision Statement. It will also be emailed to you.  
  • AT THIS TIME, the Vision Statement is  still included with the coaching packages below.

$150 per month.

  • One, 1-hr session.
  • Vision Statement and discussion.
  • One 15-20 minute communication email/phone call per week.
  • Review session at the end-of- the-month.
  • At that time, the client can decide if we want to continue for another month. Many times a client's goals or needs are easily met within the month time, or it can expand...
  • Obviously this is the most cost-effective package--and I tried to set one up that way. Yet, keep in mind too, this option will require you to do a little more self-reflection. This could prove helpful to some; but others might find they need more feedback during the month.  


$300 per month.

  • Two, 1-hr sessions. Usually clients like them to be about every 2 or 2 1/2 weeks.
  • Vision Statement.
  • One 15-20 minute communication email/phone call per week.
  • Review session at the end-of-the-month.  
  • At that time, the client can decide if we want to continue for another month.  Many times a client's goals or needs are easily met within the month time, other times they can expand. 

$500 per month. 

  • One 1-hr weekly session (some months have 4 weeks, and others 5).
  • Vision Statement.
  • One 15-20 minute communication email/phone call per week.
  • A review session at the end-of-the-month. 
  • At that time, the client can decide if we want to continue for another month. Many times a client's goals or needs are easily met within the month time, other times they can expand.


$1500 per month.

  • This is the Advanced and Very Focused version of my services. 
  • One 1-hr weekly session (some months have 4 weeks, and others 5).
  • Vision Statement.
  • We will be doing career assessments, spiritual calling assessments, tapping into your learning style(s), analyzing your strengths and weaknesses (in a variety of capacities), etc.
  • You will be learning how to meditate, understanding how neuroplasticity fits into your transition.
  • We will set up a plan of accountability, and create the steps to create the positive changes you crave.
  • If we meet in person, your Vision Statement and summaries will be printed, so that we can go over them more thoroughly. Why printed? Well, it's been proven time and again, how the written and printed word affects our brain functions differently--and more thoroughly.
  • Writing/journaling . This also helps us stimulate different parts of the brain, and use a variety of senses. 
  • Therapeutic art assignments if interested, or I feel you might benefit from them. Art doesn't just have to be painting or drawing. 
  • If you are a virtual client, you will receive your Vision Statement and summaries via email. You just need to be committed that it won't get filed into your laptop/computer, and never looked at again.  ;o)
  • Our ultimate goal is to create change and movement, remember.  That can't happen if "the work" is filed away, and not applied daily. :0)
  • In a nutshell: your goals for each month, will be handled very specifically.

"The time we spend is more than "quality."  The spiritual growth, alongside the obvious career growth, can't really be put into words.  I feel blessed that we met!" - M.B., Everett, WA.
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