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About Me


Despite a strong aptitude in art and writing; I also had a great love for science.  Most of all, I knew from childhood that my calling was to serve others--and that brought me joy.  I came to realize quickly that my calling could be done regardless of job or career. Yet, I spent the last years of high school--and the first few years after that--with the long term goal of becoming a nurse practitioner.  A car accident and a marriage created a detour, though.  I stayed in healthcare, but in a more administrative role--while completing my bachelor's degree--and very slowly trying to pursue a degree in counseling.  Then major lay-offs during the recession, and more health concerns stemming from the accident, created another turn-in-the-road... 

I believe when you have spent over 20 years working with patients of a variety of illnesses and skills, you learn coaching skills quite early!  Working with dementia and Alzheimer's definitely teaches creative ways of communicating and goal-setting.  (Or just imagine what coaching skills are needed, to help an 86-year-old without dementia, empty a house full of memories!)  Later, while working in pharmacies, clinics and hospitals-- coaching skills become applicable not just with patients and their families-- but with staff and providers too.  

All of these personal experiences, my patient nature, focused personality, and my continued work with serving others allowed me to pursue a career as a designer & life coach. 

The Common Denominator:  I'm an Artist, Writer, Designer, Encourager and an Organizer.  I love to see people and places become all they are called or can be.  If that process involves healing in some format--then I have done my job even better!


  • Certified Color Coach - 2018
  • Certified Life Coach from Wainwright Global International - 2013
  • Ongoing coaching
  • BA from Seattle Pacific University - 2007
  • Primary coursework for MA in Art Therapy, begun at Antioch University & during time at SPU - 2004 thru 2007.
  • Will be starting MA - Fall of 2018. 


Reconnect with the Past, Honour the Present, Leave a Legacy for the Future.™


I have a primary focus on Transition and Grief  Coaching--as I work with many (such as seniors) who have lost a loved one, or are in transition. (e.g. job loss, career change, disability, divorce, etc.)  I also volunteer with a baby/child loss group in Canada, and participate in GriefShare through my church. I have also ongoing training in colour energy coaching, therapeutic art, and life story coaching.


I believe there is a story in everyone; and within those pages, lie answers and meaning to guide us during a search or journey.  I spent many years in healthcare, and later as a Personal Assistant and Professional Organizer--and each taught me there are many layers to each person and situation.  My passion for art, organizing, psychology, spirituality, and the call to serve others...allow me to respectfully assist people during transition.  I apply my coaching skills during the process of designing, decorating, and staging.  I also apply my coaching skills when I provide one-on-one coaching when the need arises.


Patient, intuitive, spiritual, respectful, focused, good listener, encourager, good follow through, believes in accountability and responsibility.


I use my listening skills, along with being able to analyze and correlate easily--to coach my clients in their goal setting and accomplishment.  I use my intuitive and spiritual gifts, to assist in this process.   These skills, along with many others, are used to decorate/design/stage/consult with my clients--as well as helping them transition towards a better and brighter future. These skills are also used in one-one-coaching or presenting and teaching in a class or workshop format.

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