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Staging - preparing a home for sale or rental.

Consultation Only: $150.

This includes: visit to the home, pictures if necessary, research, written and emailed guidelines and notes, availability for any questions or concerns.

This is the option, if you want to stage the home yourself, and will be using your own furniture and accessories.

Full Staging: $500 minimum. Or $1.50 - $2/sq. ft.
(Please see Location and Rates for more specifics.)

My rates are based on what a realtor I once became acquainted with online, charged--10 years ago.  She charged $1 and $2/sq. ft. depending on the details being done.

I averaged the two, and charge $1.50/sq.ft. $2/sq.ft. if I oversee major projects or contractors. OR  by-the-project. Plus tax, of course. 

I feel my rates are reasonable; especially because I'm responsible and accountable for the work that gets done at the location. I also don't need to cover overhead of huge warehouses full of furniture and decor. I do have some basic decor on hand, but I provide a more custom approach.

My fees cover my design expertise, time, driving, gasoline/wear on my vehicle, hiring my house cleaners, any basic handyman work, etc. (Major repairs or contractor work, is done and charged separately through the contractor. I can oversee the project, if necessary, but will have to charge $2/sq. ft.)  Fees will also cover any purchases for your home. I work with the architecture, carpet, wall colours, etc. Or basically what can't be redone before the sale/rental.

Everyone has a budget--large or small...So we work with it.  Just be aware that your budget may limit us to what can be done.
  • 25-50% down is required to get started, and then each day or week is billed accordingly.
  • *Again, as mentioned in the Location & Rates section, I am sensitive that there are those with fixed incomes, budgets or job loss; and so we can discuss options.  Please let me know as soon as possible, though. Thanks!*
  • Some professional stagers charge by square foot, some by the hour, and some charge 1% of the sale price (Many times this is to cover the rental fees for the furniture they supply--and you rent per month.)...I feel that charging per square foot, allows the client to be aware of their time and spending every step of the way.  
  • It's good to also remember, that staging a home can bring in up to 3% more for a sale. 

Note: I'm having technical issues adding photos! Ugh. Will work on this, as I can. 

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