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Staging -

My rates are based on what a realtor I once became acquainted with online, charged--10 years ago.  ( She charged $1 and $2/sq. ft. depending on the details being done.)

I averaged the two, and charge $1.50/sq.ft. $2/sq.ft. if I oversee major projects or contractors. OR  by-the-project. Plus tax, of course.

 Thus, my rates are reasonable; especially because I'm responsible and accountable for the work that gets done at the location. I also don't need to cover overhead of huge warehouses full of furniture and decor. I do have some basic decor on hand, but I provide a more custom approach.

My fees cover my design expertise, time, driving, gasoline/wear on my vehicle, hiring my house cleaners, any basic handyman work, etc. (Major repairs or contractor work, is done and charged separately through the contractor. I can oversee the project, if necessary, but will have to charge $2/sq. ft.)  Fees will also cover any purchases for your home. I work with the architecture, carpet, wall colours, etc. Or basically what can't be redone before the sale/rental.

Everyone has a budget--large or small...So we work with it.  Just be aware that your budget may limit us to what can be done.
  • 25-50% down is required to get started, and then each day or week is billed accordingly.
  • *Again, as mentioned in the Location & Rates section, I am sensitive that there are those with fixed incomes, budgets or job loss; and so we can discuss options.  Please let me know as soon as possible, though. Thanks!*
  • Some professional stagers charge by square foot, some by the hour, and some charge 1% of the sale price (Many times this is to cover the rental fees for the furniture they supply--and you rent per month.)...I feel that charging per square foot, allows the client to be aware of their time and spending every step of the way.  
  • It's good to also remember, that staging a home can bring in up to 3% more for a sale. 

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